I love Safari, it's fast, elegant, minimalist and syncs with my devices without me needing to create yet another account.

The thing is, Safari is available only on iOS and OS X/macOS devices and some of my servers are Linux and Windows machines, for which I'm looking for a substitute Safari that can handle it all. Opera seems to be the best alternative, it's based on Chromium (Chrome's base) but without the Google surveillance and when it's running I don't get half a million extra processes like I do when I run Chrome. Or dialogs like these:

On the other hand, it doesn't sync plugins/extensions like Firefox and Chrome do.

Chrome has the best support for developers but I don't trust/like anything Google does. It's not like I have super sensitive information on me, it's just I don't like being monetized on. All three non-Safari browsers impose their new tab page on you so they can show you some ad or make you use their search engine or whatever, something that makes them money, fortunately this can be avoided by installing extensions. Unfortunately, Opera doesn't sync extensions.

Chrome doesn't even show your selected homepage unless you restart the browser. Like I told you, Google creeps.

The most annoying thing of these browsers are the real state the waste, see:

Safari always occupies the least space, and the other don't offer anything worth installing for except for an extra session in a website. Ultimately I always end up using Internet Explorer if available and compatible with the website I'm visiting. Internet Explorer is good if you aren't careless. All non-Safari have this weird tab implementation that makes it difficult to grab the window to move it, sometimes you end up grabbing a tab instead and it's not elegant at all how are they managed when this happens, a huge overlay pops up indicating where your tab will end up if unattached from the windows, except it sort of doesn't quite fit and moves around. It's a mess. Firefox, Opera and Safari are good with privacy. Chrome is good with developers; apparently there's no one perfect for me. If only Safari were available again for third parties.