On my mission to seamlessly bind macOS Server to Active Directory with directory-editing capabilities I've come across a multitude of documents but this is crazy: over 28000 pages; of course I'll need to skim it if I want to get anything done or polish my searching syntax skills.

On Apple Discussions I was told my goal is not doable, it's been two weeks of non-stop Google searches and I think I'm going insane first moving into the Windows Server World from the dead-easy-to-use Mac Servers, then relearning everything I already know the Windows way, and now that I've successfully sorted everything else out, the last step is macOS Server two-way AD bind.

I know editing from macOS is possible, Directory Utility has the power to do so, why isn't Server.app able to do the same. I know one thing: I'm still not giving up, not yet. I started the transition on late November, today January the 7th, it feels like I've gotten nowhere but that's just my frustration. I gotta say, having zero proper training I think I did quite well. 🤓

I'm trying out Apple News Publisher, stay around for more info coming, I hope, really soon!

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